We at Coastal Cottage Homes, LLC provide countertop and carpentry services all across Galveston and Houston as part of our goal to build fully customized dream homes for residents of these different cities.

What carpentry services do we do?

  • Custom Cabinets
    Storage for your kitchen and bathrooms, built to your exact specifications
  • Closets
    Integrating walk-in closets that fit your dream home’s space and design
  • Storage Units
    From small storage spaces under the staircase to completely separate storage sheds built outside your home

We also build countertops

Coastal Cottage Homes, LLC provides custom countertops and other interior construction, so your customized furniture and storage can fit perfectly within the corners and surfaces of your home.

Coastal Cottage Homes, LLC serves Galveston County, Houston, and nearby areas. Don’t hesitate to call us if you want to equip your home with custom carpentry and countertops; we guarantee to get it done.