market intelligence analyst, Product Development Actuarial

The product development team is in charge of managing new product development and implementation from the idea stage all the way through to the product launch and even after the product launch, managing it and tracking the performance and then iterating through different versions of the product depending on how it’s performing.

It starts with a wish list. The product development team has a wish list on SharePoint where different members of the project management team, which is kind of the steering committee of product development, can put an idea on the wish list where it gets reviewed as a group. The product development team facilitates those reviews. We have weekly status meetings with the steering team as well. We tell them the status of all the different products and if there are any issues. We also vote on the wish list items and can move them into the idea stage, which really kicks off the product development process.

The assistant vice president of the product development process has market intelligence, project management and filing all under him. All three of those are core components to product development. That’s what our team looks like. You also have Actuarial, which is a very key component to it as well, and then each marketing organization and their input throughout the process, which is crucial. It’s kind of hard to define the product development team. But if you just want to look from the perspective of our team or assistant vice president’s team, that’s where we fit in.