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Coastal Cottage Homes, LLC is a home remodeling and construction company specializing in custom home building. We construct the perfect dream home for any family in Galveston and Houston. And we do so by providing comprehensive construction services that accurately target a property’s every need.

Custom Homes and Beach Vacation Houses

We provide custom home building and design, with specializations in coastal properties and beach houses. It’s one of our main goals to make the most out of the coastal areas and transform them into lovable places for more and more families to live in.

Home Remodeling

If you have an existing property in Galveston, League City, or Houston, we can customize it further with our home remodeling services and maximize your space to fit your family’s current lifestyle.

Residential and Commercial Construction Services

Our company is equipped with all the skills and expertise needed in order to provide all kinds of construction services for your property. This is to ensure that we can really do everything for your custom homes, beach vacation houses, or even shops, whatever designs and specifications are involved.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Kitchens and bathrooms are especially important for most Galveston homeowners because these parts of a house usually have a huge effect on its overall beauty and value. Fortunately, this area is among our specialties.

Carpentry and Countertops

For a full customization effect, we don’t just focus on custom home building but rather create custom cabinets and countertops for house interiors as well.

Home Additions

We’re more than capable of adding a room or two to your beachfront home. Our team of custom home builders have the experience in developing houses from the ground up, so we can definitely add extra features to your home like room additions, basement improvements, and even decks and porches.

Other Services

Not only do we offer custom home building services and improvements, we are also more than capable of fixing your electrical lines and plumbing, as well as do gutter cleaning and house painting. Being a full service company gives you the convenience of getting all the services you need to keep your house’s integrity without having to look for various companies to do so.

We serve all areas around Galveston and Houston. Visit our different service pages to know more about them or feel free to call us if you’re interested with our custom home building services right away.



What makes Coastal Cottages unique, is that we truly are there every step of the way. You won’t be left wondering what we’re working on. Our schedule is transparent and you will immediately be made aware of any potential setbacks or bumps in the road. When you want to stop by the build site you’ll be greeted with a smile because at the end of the day, we’re just as invested in your custom dream home as you are!


  • Pre-Construction Consulting – Offering professional advice and recommendations during project planning and development phase
  • Engineering/Building Cost - Providing knowledgeable job cost estimating and budgeting
  • Invaluable Construction - Combining unique craftsmanship , experience, and quality materials to build the finest custom homes
  • Communication – Collaborating with experienced architects, designers, and city staff every step of the way to ensure an enjoyable and trouble free process
  • Quality Engineering – Providing alternative and innovative building methods and material selection to enhance the overall design of the project
  • Exceptional Supervision – Employing experienced superintendents and project managers to oversee daily progress onsite, which ensures that quality is met with every detail of the project
  • Safety – Ensuring safe practices are met on the project site
  • Progress Tracking – Maintaining a comprehensive schedule to ensure the project is on track and completed