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Galveston County is the ideal place to build your dream beach home property. With the area situated near the coast, you stand to gain from a water front view you and your family are sure to enjoy. We at Coastal Cottage Homes, LLC have earned a valuable reputation for quality coastal homes not only in Galveston County but also in nearby areas, and we continue to build custom beachfront homes and vacation houses. Let our team of professional home builders develop the beachfront property you always wanted. We have a complete line of construction services and home improvement solutions that’s guaranteed to capture what you envisioned without compromising your budget. Check them below.

Coastal Properties Across Galveston

Learn more about what we do across Galveston County and Houston, from carpentry to custom construction projects, our team of professional home builders can provide you with exceptional home development and improvement solutions that are within your budget. We’re taking away the stress of having to hire multiple contractors to do various specific tasks. With Coastal Cottage Homes, LLC, we have all the services that you are looking for and definitely more.

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Coastal Cottage Homes, LLC provides home building solutions in and around Galveston County and Houston.


Bought a new property around Galveston and are in need of reliable construction services? Partner with coastal cottage homes, LLC.


Kitchens and bathrooms are considered one of if not the most crucial part of a home. it’s so crucial in fact that it can be a defining factor when appraising or selling a property.


We at Coastal Cottage Homes, LLC go above and beyond the usual home building solutions and provide carpentry and countertop services as well.


Properties are defined by their aesthetic appeal and overall available space. If you’re one to prioritize the latter home additions would be the ideal route to go.


We are going above and beyond the usual home remodeling and construction services that others in the local industry provide.

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Whether you’re looking to improve your home and office or you’re in need of home builders across Galveston County and Houston to develop the beachfront home you always wanted, partner with Coastal Cottage Homes, LLC today. Give us a call or send us an email so we can discuss your home building project further. Alternatively, you can also fill out our contact form provided for you on our website. Our staff is more than willing to provide you with the assistance that you need. We serve the entire Galveston County area along with Houston.


L. Finch

We wanted to have our floor replaced since it was already a rotting. Gave them a call and they went ahead and replaced them in as little time as possible. Would definitely recommend them for other beach home owners in the area.

M. Ayers

It’s all about quality. Coastal Cottage Homes deliveres the home improvements I need to make our living experience a lot more convenient. Fast, affordable, and quality services. Can’t go wrong with that. Thanks guys.

N. Manning

Home builders are hard to deal with, but not for Coastal Cottage Homes. Their team are not only well experienced in their craft, but they’re also as professional in terms of customer service.

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